Our RainSoft water filters and water treatment systems are available to Maryland residents and business owners in Cecil County, Harford County and surrounding areas. Discover the difference RainSoft can make. Experience clean drinking water today!

Northern Maryland Water Specialists are your authorized RainSoft dealers for this area, so if you need a master plumber to install your new RainSoft water filtration or whole house water treatment system, give us a call today at 800-242-2049. Not sure if you need a water filtration system or water conditioner? We offer free water quality testing so you can see what’s in your water.

Kitchen Drinking Water Systems

RainSoft drinking water systems provide bottled water quality water straight from the faucet. Ultrefiner RO drinking water systems are our premier reverse osmosis systems that utilize advanced technology for better tasting, cleaner water. Hydrefiner water filtration systems are installed under your kitchen sink and use a compressed carbon block water filter to treat and filter bad tastes and odors from your drinking water. These water filters come in a choice of models to suit your needs. Ask our technicians to recommend the drinking water system that’s right for you.

Whole House Water Systems

Whole house water treatment systems from RainSoft protect your pipes, showers, tubs, toilets and appliances such as your washing machine or refrigerator. Hard water, iron in the water, chlorinated water and sulphur in the water can all cause damage to your plumbing system, as well as leave stains on your clothing, sinks, tubs and toilets.

Adding a water softener, acid neutralizer or sediment filter to treat your water before it comes into your home prevents all of those problems that unwanted chemicals and minerals in your water can cause.

Sometimes referred to as water conditioning systems or water softeners, these RainSoft systems can be customized to your needs. Our effective water treatment systems incorporate our proprietary technology, a system that learns how your family uses water and adjusts for water consumption and salt usage, allowing your family to save money. RainSoft systems are built to last a lifetime, providing you with dependable performance and a plentiful supply of softened water throughout your home.

Lead Contamination Removal Systems

Water quality testing may reveal lead in the water coming into your home, or coming from your faucet. Lead in your drinking water needs to be addressed immediately. If you have an older home with lead pipes, our first recommendation would be to change out the plumbing. If you have newer pipes but still have lead in the drinking water, we can recommend a whole house water treatment system that is designed to filter out lead and other hard metals and minerals before the water comes out of the faucet.

The RainSoft Advantage

RainSoft water softeners and drinking water systems are designed to meet a variety of water quality challenges, providing you with effective, affordable water treatment solutions for achieving the best possible water quality for your home. And just like everything else, today’s water treatment systems are high tech. with smart features and a RainSoft app for your smartphone that allows you to monitor your water conditioning system remotely, and even schedule service using the app. New systems are also designed to recover automatically after a power outage and send you alerts when it is time for maintenance or service.

And RainSoft knows that one size does not fit all. Water conditioners and water treatment systems come in a variety of configurations with numerous features to fit your unique situation. Your Northern Maryland Water Specialists technician can help you decide what features would serve you best.

Well Drinking Water Systems
Northern Maryland Water Specialists install many different types of systems for treating drinking water that is pulled from a well. With the various types of problems in well water, including iron, salt, sulfur, bacteria contamination, as well as other issues; it may be to your benefit to obtain water quality testing from a local water specialist.

Contact us today for FREE water testing or Call us for more information about our water filters and
drinking water
systems at 1800-242-2049.

It’s important to analyze your well water chemistry before deciding what well water treatment system would solve your problems. For instance, an iron filtration system cannot remove iron if the water is also acidic, so first we would need to add an acid neutralizer to counteract the acidity in the water.

Testing the well water for chemical contaminants is especially important if the well is located near a gas station, dry cleaners, industrial site or agricultural area where a lot of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are being used. Likewise, testing for bacteria is especially important when the well is near a septic tank, or where livestock are being kept.

We are also familiar with how well systems work, so when we install a water treatment system, we will be sure to work with the system so that we install a proper system for the flow rate of your pump, and we don’t reduce the water pressure to your home.

Whether you’re on a municipal water system or a well water system, we can help you get better tasting water. Contact us today for FREE water testing or call us for more information about our water filtration and water treatment systems at 1-800-242-2049.

Since 1953, RainSoft has been an innovative leader in the water treatment industry and has earned more than 75 U.S. and international patents. RainSoft offers one of the most comprehensive limited lifetime warranties in the business on our home water filtration systems and water softeners. We invest heavily in research, development, independent third-party testing and certification programs to assure the utmost quality and reliability in all of our air and water treatment products.

Let one of our trained water treatment professionals assess your home water treatment needs with a complimentary, in-home analysis of your water. Find out how RainSoft can provide you with safe, healthy water solutions today!

Contact us today for FREE water quality testing or call us for more information about our water filters and
drinking water systems at 1-800-242-2049. We are the authorized RainSoft dealers serving Harford and Cecil Counties, including Bel Air, Forest Hill, Fallston, Churchville, Belcamp, Edgewood, Aberdeen, Elkton, Rising Sun and surrounding areas.

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