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FAQs About Water Treatment and Choosing a Water Treatment System

Having clean water and air are key to having a happy, healthy home. Here at Northern Maryland Water Specialists, we are the exclusive authorized dealer of RainSoft water treatment systems and air treatment products in Harford and Cecil Counties. We’ve attempted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about water treatment systems and air purification. If you don’t see your question here, please Contact us for more information.

Q: How do I know if I need a water treatment system?
A: Good water should be colorless and odorless. If your water has an "off" taste or odor, leaves stains in sinks and tubs, leaves white laundry "yellowed" or "grayed," or you have experienced premature plumbing or appliance problems, then you are probably in need of a RainSoft water treatment system. If you’re unsure about the quality of your water, Contact Us today to schedule a free in-home water test.

Q: What will RainSoft do to improve my drinking water?
A: RainSoft drinking water systems will remove a vast array of impurities to give you a water quality that exceeds most bottled water. At the touch of a lever, you can enjoy a superior drinking water supply and say good-bye to bottled water and the hassles associated with it.

Q: What is Reverse Osmosis?
A: Reverse osmosis, also known as hyperfiltration, is one of the finest drinking systems available today. It is effective in substantially reducing a very wide variety of contaminants, and of all residential water treatment systems, it has the greatest range of contaminant removal. Reverse osmosis will allow the removal of particles as small as individual ions. Reverse osmosis is an excellent choice for your family's drinking water needs.

Q: How do RainSoft water softeners remove hardness?
A: Hardness is removed by a process called "ion exchange." Hardness-causing particles and debris are positively charged. The water runs through RainSoft's resin system, which has millions of negatively charged sites. As the water flows past these sites, calcium, iron and magnesium attach to the sites and are retained until the system regenerates, a term that designates the automatic cleaning process the system will perform periodically to release these accumulated ions.

Q: How much sodium will be in my RainSoft drinking water?
A: Very little! In most cases, you'll find less sodium in a half gallon of softened RainSoft water than in a slice of white bread. If your doctor recommends a sodium restricted diet, the addition of a RainSoft reverse osmosis water system can reduce the total sodium content to negligible levels.

Q: Will brine from my water softener hurt my septic system?
A: Studies performed by the Water Quality Association indicate that a properly placed septic tank with an adequate septic field is in no way impaired in operation by brine discharged from a water softener.

Q: What is the difference between air filters and air purifiers?
A: Air filters are also called “mechanical filters.” They work by trapping particles that are too large to pass through. They collect larger particles, but may not be as effective for many smaller particles. The filters must be changed on a regular basis, as they fill up with the collected debris (much like the bag on a vacuum cleaner). Air purifiers can, on the other hand, actually sterilize or kill most contaminants.

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